About us

Socratus Startup Studio

Socratus Startup Studio specialized organization that provides comprehensive system engineering-based programming services and investments for the innovative start-up business ideas and start-ups to grow into organic and healthy business system.

When we have initially founded the NVC (National Venture Capital) investment fund and started investing heavily in start-ups and projects, many of the businesses we have invested in failed to sustain the market. This was the first motivation to establish Socratus.

Socratus Startup Studio was founded in September 2018 after recognizing that startups lack not only financial investments but also system engineering-based management solutions to sustain their operations, as a results of a year-long study to investigate the causes of failed projects and the search for solutions to their companies' failures."

Our principles

To be responsible and benefit

To be committed to a common goal

To be transparent

To be based on the facts and evidences

To keep improving

Our values

Systematic thinking

Systematic performance

Mutual respect

Collective benefit

Value-creating stakeholders


Socratus Ecosystem Partners

We consider an ecosystem to be a complex system of interrelated stakeholder interactions which creates the synergistic pattern needed to achieve a common goal that can survive in a balanced environment.